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Jellies Phone

of Smartphone

Jellies Phone

The phone that predicts what you need before you know even need it.


Offers an unparalleled adaptive user experience, seamlessly integrating intuitive AI technology with user behavior analysis to deliver a deeply personalized interaction tailored to individual habits and preferences.


Elevates user interaction by intuitively responding to emotional cues, fostering genuine engagement beyond traditional touch and voice commands.


The Jellies Phone ensures privacy and security by securely storing users' facial patterns and emotion data in a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), while its AI model runs locally on the device, safeguarding sensitive information


Jellies Phone provides tailored content recommendations, leveraging its AI capabilities to analyze user preferences and behaviors, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.

Personalized Content Curation

When you select your interests such as art, entertainment, finance, or any other topic, the content shown will be tailored to cater to your preferences and areas of interest. By aligning the content with your interests, you can have a more engaging and personalized experience, staying up-to-date with the subjects that matter most to you.

Sneak Peek

Jellies Phone Prototype Snapshots

Get an exclusive glimpse into the innovative features and sleek design of the Jellies Phone with our prototype snapshots. Witness firsthand the cutting-edge technology and personalized experience that await with each snapshot revealing a glimpse into the future of smartphones.

The future of all Smartphones


1st Floor, Tower B, Brigade Tech Park, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066

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